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Welcome to where it’s all about living simply & appreciating every little bluebird of happiness that comes your way, as Ralph Waldo Emerson said “Live in the sunshine, swim in the sea, drink the wild air & EAT ALL THE CHOCOLATE : ) Check out THE HAPPY BOOK BLOG & lots more below. WATCH MY YOUTUBE VIDEOS to join me in my hunt for local, organic fare & makeup, ethical fashion, exploring a more plant based diet, handmade products & happy art or you can click the link to SHOP. Wishing you bluebirds of happiness your way, Sophie X

"Our Life is frittered away by detail, simplify, simplify" Henry David Thoreau


'Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication' Leonardo da Vinci

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"After six years in fashion, I wanted to create something that would last" Chupi Sweetman

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Somewhere Over The Rainbow Bluebirds Fly was conceived in April 2018. The previous ten years felt like being hit by a tornado, but somehow the twister had landed me, ‘Somewhere Over The Rainbow,' when I got the opportunity to rent a fairy tale, thatched cottage by the sea, in the picturesque village of Dunmore East, where I am lucky to still reside today & where I am learning day by day, to live a different way of life,  letting my ‘troubles melt like lemon drops & appreciateing every little bluebird of happiness that comes my way. Wishing you bluebirds of happiness your way : ) Sophie X

You can find me on twitter @bluebirdireland & @sophiebelauthor or on Instagram @bluebirdIreland 

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